GoldenEye Will Blow You Up For Camping

| 15 Sep 2010 10:00

Good news if you hate FPS campers: GoldenEye 007 will give you the opportunity to automatically blow them up.

If there's one thing that gamers tend to universally revile when they're playing shooters online, it's campers. While such behavior certainly isn't against the rules, it tends to irritate the hell out of everyone and generally ruins their fun until the camper manages to get taken out. However, the upcoming GoldenEye 007 will actually include a feature that pre-emptively solves the problem of campers by killing them off.

According to Bitmob, the game will include a modifier called "Move Your Feet." This modifier, when enabled, automatically causes any player who stands still for 3 seconds to explode. "It worked beautifully in practice," reports the site, "morphing the map into a hectic affair that zeroed out any chance of a foe settling in to camp."

Move Your Feet sounds great, but it isn't the only multiplayer modifier that will shake things up. Bitmob also explained that the game will feature at least a few more: "classic mods (golden gun, paintball mode) and the zany ones ('everyone's a midget')."

GoldenEye 007 has gradually been building up hype ever since it was revealed earlier this year. First, there was the news that a Gold Controller Bundle would be released, and now there's this revelation. I have to say that the game just keeps on sounding better and better.

Source: Bitmob via Eurogamer

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