Nintendo Pushes Wii Party as Way to Pick-Up Girls

| 3 Oct 2010 13:16

A new promotional video for Wii Party depicts a strange world where Wii skills attract women above all else.

It's not surprising that Nintendo's latest Wii Party promotion video shows teenagers having fun while playing the title's multiplayer mini-games and ignoring a rocking dance party. But what's absolutely hilarious is the side-plot of a "geek" type character that uses his Wii Party skills to take the girl of a collar-popped "preppy."

I don't know what kind of dance parties you've been to lately, but the one shown in this video has a back room where the elite break away from the fun to play the Wii. Specifically, they leave to play Wii Party, a new title from Nintendo that's similar to Wii Play, but is more of a standalone game than an incentive to spend ten more dollars on a Wii Remote.

The video starts off with the geek watching the girl he loves walking into the party with the preppy, who appears to have a scowl on his face 90% of the time. When the girl, geek, preppy, and Asian girl with an unexplained position in this love triangle enter the Wii room, the geek's Wii Party skills help him win over his future wife.

Between overly big laughs due to the pressing of a button on the Wii Remote, the preppy is seen getting really annoyed every time the geek does something well. And man, it makes him feel good when he can beat out the rest of the players in a mini-game, as you can tell by his chest-pounding and cries of "Who's the man?!" By the end of the video, the preppy is so annoyed by the others having fun with Wii Party that he storms off, probably to go get a weapon to fix things the only way he knows how.

I'd say the message of the promotion was subliminal in some way, but it's quite humorously obvious. I guess Nintendo is trying to say that men with Wii Party skills will beat out those with superior looks, sweaters worn over collared shirts, and pent-up anger any day.

Source: GoNintendo

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