PC Players Not Getting New BioShock 2 DLC

| 9 Oct 2010 13:00

The wait for the Protector's Trials and Minerva's Den DLC on the PC is technically over, as 2K has announced it won't be coming out at all.

It's not a great day to be a PC gamer and a BioShock 2 fan, as you're going to miss out on some of the extra content that your console cousins are enjoying. In a post on the official 2K Games forums, 2K's senior interactive marketing manager Elizabeth Tobey announced that 2K would not be bringing any single-player DLC to the platform.

Tobey apologized for the disappointment that the news would undoubtedly cause, and blamed the decision on "technical and timing issues." She also revealed that a patch to fix problems with the game would not be coming to the PC, despite it being promised months before. Tobey added that if the situation changed, she would let the community know, but that at the moment the decisions should be considered final.

The reaction to the announcement has been understandably visceral, with many members of the 2K community feeling that they have had their goodwill taken advantage of. With no DLC coming or patches coming, it's not hard to see why they might feel that way.

Source: Kotaku

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