Super Meat Boy Commercial is Extreme to the Max

| 13 Oct 2010 10:31

A commercial for Super Meat Boy reminds us how awesome television was in the 80s and 90s.

Remember the days when videogames were extreme? When getting sucked into your television was just a daily event? When dying in a game actually killed you in real life? Super Meat Boy does. In the not too distant past, many commercials tried to make videogames seem like an incomprehensibly fun activity, as does this commercial for Super Meat Boy.

For some reason, everybody in the 80s and early 90s played videogames in a dark, smokey warehouse all by themselves. Don't believe me? Check out this commercial for the Power Glove that is startlingly similar to a Kinect commercial.

Super Meat Boy is an upcoming platformer created by independent studio Team Meat that'll be released through Xbox Live Arcade on October 20, with WiiWare and PC/Mac releases expected in the near future. According to this commercial, it's so fun it'll destroy your face. Now that's extreme!

Maybe I'm on my own here, but I think it should be federal law that all videogame commercials be required to follow this format. Does anybody know where I can get some eye makeup and a smoke machine? If so, meet me at the abandoned warehouse on 5th and Extreme, we've got games to play.

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