The Week in Review - F-Bombs and Megatron

| 16 Oct 2010 02:00

In this week's edition, Duke Nukem meets Yahtzee, and David Jaffe speaks his mind about the mysterious EA Louse.


Vegas Has Vaults Too

It's just days before Fallout: New Vegas hits shelves, and in an eleventh hour Q&A session Obsidian Executive Producer Jason Bergman revealed that although the game won't start in a vault, there are still plenty of them dotting the arid Nevada landscape. What's more, your adventure may require you to venture into their depths in search of an important item. (Link)


Jaffe Blasts EA Louse

Accusations of incompetence and mismanagement at BioWare Mythic from an anonymous blogger called EA Louse have got David Jaffe all riled up. Jaffe related a tale where a small contingent on the God of War team, kept trying to guide the project down a different path, thinking that they knew better than the people in charge. He summed it up succinctly, saying it "f*cking annoyed" him. (Link)


The Duke Heads to the Mana Bar

After Yahtzee's scathing mock review of Duke Nukem Forever when it looked like the long overdue game was finally dead and buried, it's hard to think of anyone better to show it off now that it's very much alive. Duke will be making his Australian debut at Yahtzee's Brisbane based Mana Bar, so if you're in the Brisbane area, head down from midday onwards on October 16th and give the game a try. (Link)


New Decepticon Recruits Wrecks Bumblebee

A police SUV became an unwitting Decepticon ally when its driver drove down the wrong street and smashed into Bumblebee. The officer hadn't realized that a scene from the next Transformers movie was being filmed on that particular stretch of DC street, and ended up colliding with a Chevrolet Camaro, the car that Bumblebee transforms into. Thankfully, the officer sustained only minor injuries. (Link)


From One Nathan to Another

Uncharted is to be made into a movie and Firefly star Nathan Fillion wants the lead role. So much so, in fact, that he is reaching out to his not insubstantial Twitter fanbase to help him get the part. We all know that Fillion plays a wisecracking rogue incredibly well, and it's hard to think of a better fit for the role. (Link)

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