Depressed Grandmother Cheers Up After Becoming Superhero

| 18 Nov 2010 15:42

A photographer noticed that his grandmother was depressed, so he dressed her up in spandex and photographed her as a superhero.

Some people cheer up their grandparents by watching the news with them for an hour, or by taking them out to Red Lobster. When Sacha Goldberger realized that Frederika, his 91-year-old grandmother, was depressed, he decided to dress her up like a superhero instead.

Goldberger, a French photographer, suggested to Frederika that he photograph her wearing various crazy costumes in different poses. She reluctantly agreed, and the results are probably unlike anything you've ever seen before.

One particular set of photos re-imagines Frederika as a superhero that is not unlike Kick-Ass. Wearing a padded helmet, spandex, and a pair of laced-up high-tops, you wouldn't initially think Frederika could stop crime, but her photos show that she's got more power than you might think.


One photo has her sitting on the wing of a plane as it soars through the clouds.


Another shows that she packs a mean ray gun.


Others show that Frederika survives on a diet of sandwiches made from dachshunds, that she can easily lift a car, and the time that she accidentally flew straight into a brick wall.


Frederika was born in Hungary twenty years before World War II. She made it through the horrors of the war when it eventually came around, at one point having been forced to leave her country or face death. Sacha reveals that his grandmother no longer shows signs of depression, and she even has thousands of friends on MySpace. The tale of Frederika and her grandson is heartwarming, and additionally awesome at the same time.

Source: MyModernMet, via Boing Boing

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