Sony Axes Projects at UK Studios

| 10 Mar 2011 13:18

Sony has taken a long look at its UK studios and decided that its resources aren't arranged the way that they should be.

The Sony reorganization might be great news for Kaz Hirai, but it's not so good for the company's UK based first party developers. Three of SCE's six UK studios will see projects either "streamlined" or cut entirely, following a portfolio review.

In a statement, Sony said that it was reallocating resources from a small number of projects to other, higher priority games. Sony made it clear that the UK was still an important part of Sony's first party development stable. The three studios affected by this decision are Evolution Studios, which created the MotorStorm series, and Sony's Liverpool and London studios, which created Wipeout and SingStar respectively. This is the second time this year that Studio Liverpool has had projects cut for resource reallocation.

Sony didn't go into any more detail about the decision, so we don't know what projects have been axed. Sony also didn't comment on whether anyone had lost their job as a result of the changes to projects. It seems rather unlikely that all three studios have come away with their respective staffs untouched, however.

Source: GamesIndustry

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