BioWare Releases Shiny New Old Republic In-Game Trailer

| 11 Mar 2011 15:58

The galaxy is divided, and only you can help decide its fate. It must be Tuesday in Star Wars.

Today officially kicks off PAX East 2011, and to celebrate the opening of the East Coast's premiere gaming convention, BioWare has pushed out a new trailer for some little upcoming game it's working on - I think it's about old Republicans or something? I was never very clear on this, really.

All kidding aside, this is the latest trailer for BioWare's hotly-anticipated new MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's nothing we haven't seen before: The galaxy is divided, blah blah, choose your side, yada yada, you know the drill. If you've seen any of the SW:TOR trailers before this one, then you've seen the story elements already.

What is nice is that we get a look at some of the in-game environments through which players will actually be adventuring. The scenery looks quite nice, and it's clear that SW:TOR has come a long way from its more modest graphical beginnings. It's all very pretty, to be sure, and if you have the machine to pump all the settings up to max you'll be sure to enjoy the view.

All we need now is an official release date. In the meantime, why not pre-register your Old Republic guild already?

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