Homefront Dev Will Make Sequel's Campaign Longer if Fans Want It

| 16 Mar 2011 10:20

The focus was on Homefront's multiplayer, admits Kaos Studios' general manager.

Homefront developer Kaos Studios says that it if enough fans complain about the length of the game's single player campaign, it will make sure that it was longer in the sequel. Kaos' general manager David Votypka said there had to be a balance between single and multiplayer, but that it was a balance that could be tweaked.

The short length of the Homefront's single player mode has been noted by a number of reviewers, and Votypka admitted that Kaos' focus was on the game's multiplayer, which was where the bulk of the games replayability would come from. He said that the studio would look to add a few more hours to the sequel, but that at the same time, it didn't want the multiplayer to suffer, so it had to be careful about how it allocated its resources. The most important thing, in Votypka's mind anyway, was not the exact length of the single player game, but that players had enjoyed it and felt that it had been enough.

It seems that it's hard to gauge whether Homefront's campaign really is too short, or whether people just expected more of it. Kaos pulled in Hollywood screenwriters, former CIA agents, and novelists to consult on the game, and with so much emphasis based on its premise and timeline, it's a little strange that the game spends so little time telling us its story. Nevertheless, if people really do feel strongly about it, they'll make their dissatisfaction clear.

Source: CVG

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