Donkey Kong Gets Thugged Out in Brothers Mario Sequel

| 29 Mar 2011 14:07

The GTA IV engine Brothers Mario machinima is back with a sequel, and this time the Donkey Kong crime family is making moves.

When we first saw the Brothers Mario, they were transformed into thugs in a short machinima feature using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine, and tons of Super Mario Bros. references. Unlike many features of the sort, Brothers Mario has been given a sequel, which introduces a gun-wielding Donkey Kong.

Or, in the case of Brothers Mario 2, is it Don Key Kong (as in Don Corleone)? Either way, Kong and his crime family, which includes Funky, Cranky, Candy, and Diddy from the Donkey Kong Country series, are in town to take over some turf.

When Kong proves to be too much for Bowser, he teams up with Mario in exchange for "half the Kingdom." Of course, Mario's involvement just leads to Peach getting kidnapped again, who must be rescued from the top of a giant tower than can only be reached via ladder.

The Mario references are once again constantly peppered in, from the Thwomp on the side of a truck, to a Bomb-omb grenade, to the incredibly awesome feather-branded parachute referring to the cape from Super Mario World. Not to spoil it or anything, but Bowser also employs two new gunman whose names begin with "W."

Brothers Mario 2 uses the recently released Mario gansta rap as its theme song. Now I'm waiting for Brothers Mario 3, in which Mario turns away from crime to become an artist a la Mario Paint.

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