Warner Bros. Admits Green Lantern Trailer Wasn't Very Good

| 1 Apr 2011 08:41

Studio says that the really good effects weren't ready to show when it released the trailer last year.

People all over the world got their first proper look at the upcoming Green Lantern movie last November, following the release of the first official trailer. The reaction to the trailer was fairly lukewarm, but fortunately for fans of the comic - not to mention moviegoers - Warner has said that that first trailer did not represent the quality of the final movie.

While at CinemaCon, Warner Bros.' worldwide marketing president, Sue Kroll, said that the problem was that the big-scale effects that a trailer would normally have been stuffed full of weren't ready to show, and the trailer suffered because of it. She noted that it was a mistake that the studio couldn't afford to make again, especially not with the movie's $200 million budget on the line, as well other associated costs, like marketing and promotion.

Apparently, Warner underestimated how long it would take to finish the elaborate 3D effects, many of which are set in space and feature aliens. Jeff Robinov, Warner Bros.' motion picture group president, said that the studio had learned its lesson about production and marketing schedules for big, effects driven, movies, and wouldn't be in a position again where the two were out of sync.

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds and opens in theaters on June 17th.

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