Telltale Giving Away Back to the Future Episode 1 For Free

| 1 Apr 2011 14:23

In the spirit of getting you addicted to its product, Telltale is giving away episode one of Back to the Future: The Game, absolutely free.

With the announcement coming on April 1st, the one day a year lying is perfectly acceptable, Telltale's announcement came with an assurance, "This isn't an April's Fool gimmick or prank! And we're not setting an expiration or cut off date for this free game availability!" Well, that's mighty fine of you, Telltale. Care to give us a hint of when the other episodes will become free as well?

"After getting a taste of the first game, players can then get the full 5-game series for just $24.99!" So, your plan really is to get players addicted with a free taste before you charge for any more. Sly, Telltale. Very sly.

Considering the first episode didn't get the greatest reviews, perhaps this is an attempt to make use of a product that didn't do so well to promote the series that seems to have gotten better with the successive episodes, giving the "meh" stuff away free while charging for the higher-quality content.

The first episode of the adventure game, entitled It's About Time, follows the misadventures of our DeLorian-driving hero Marty McFly. Just as he's getting used to being safe back at home in the 80's, his friend the slightly-mad scientist Doc Brown gets trapped in the past. And wouldn't you know it, Marty has to go save him. Again.

Whether or not it sounds like your drug of choice, the game is free, so it can't hurt to give it a shot. If you've got a PC or Mac, it's available for download over at Telltale's Site.

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