Jar Jar Binks Gets Beaten Up On The New York Subway

| 1 Apr 2011 16:30

Subway riders assaulted an actor playing the most hated character in Star Wars and are now being sought so charges can be pressed.

We've all probably wished that we could do terrible things to Jar Jar Binks at one point or another, but some subway riders in New York recently got to live out the fantasy when they beat the stuffing of an actor portraying the character. The actor was part of a group called Improv Everywhere, "a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places."

Basically, the actor dressed as Jar Jar got onto a subway train and started flouncing around, talking to random passengers, until he got a little too close for comfort with a couple of rather large individuals. One of the guys repeatedly told the actor to get out of his face and then took a swing at Jar Jar when the request was repeatedly ignored.

Here's the official synopsis, as explained on the YouTube video's page:

For our latest mission, we attempted to stage a sequel to our Star Wars Subway Car mission, using characters from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Jar Jar Binks entered a random train car and informed subway riders that he was scared that Darth Maul was chasing him. If things had gone as planned, people would have laughed and been surprised when Darth Maul showed up at the next stop.

Unfortunately, three men on the train decided to ruin the fun for everyone by assaulting our actor playing Jar Jar. We were not going to even post this mission, but the actor who played Jar Jar wants to press charges, and we are searching for information on the three guys who attacked him. We hope that someone who sees this video will know them personally or recognize their faces.

The end of the video features Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere's founder, talking to the camera in his office and pleading for people to forward the video on and anyone who can identify the men who assaulted Jar Jar to come forward. The seriousness of the video is somewhat undercut when Todd asks people to subscribe to Improv Everywhere's YouTube channel.

OK, on one hand, it sucks that these guys got assaulted while they were attempting to film a viral improv video. On the other, though, maybe they'll take this as a lesson: when you're getting in the face of a guy who looks like Bruce Willis's angry twin and he repeatedly tells you to get away, maybe you should take his suggestion to heart.

EDIT: Some readers have claimed this is an April Fools' joke. Honestly, it's hard to tell, mainly because the video was uploaded to YouTube on March 31st instead of April 1st. On top of that, the troupe posted another, similar, video where things weren't interrupted by an assault. It's certainly possible that this is a prank, but it's not obvious if it is.

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