The Almighty Thor Looks Even Worse Than Titanic 2

| 22 Apr 2011 15:45

The Asylum is back, baby, and this time its mockbuster crosshairs are aimed at the upcoming Marvel Comics movie Thor.

The last time we heard from The Asylum, it was back in August, when the company unveiled Titanic 2. Since then, The Asylum has released some other ... uh, let's call them "gems" ... like Battle of Los Angeles and Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes. However, it's latest project is called The Almighty Thor and it looks even more delightfully dreadful than Titanic 2 did.

The movie is set to star Kevin Nash, Patricia Velasquez, Cody Deal, and Richard Grieco. Yes, you read that right: Richard "If Looks Could Kill" Grieco is going to play Loki. Honestly, the trailer's more than a little hard to understand, since it only shows nonsensical clips (Thor apparently decides to use an uzi while fighting things that look like hammerhead sharks that can burrow through concrete).

Here's the basic summary of the movie, as provided by The Asylum:

When the demon god Loki destroys the fortress of Valhalla and steals the Hammer of Invincibility, only the young hero Thor can protect Earth from armageddon.

Needless to say, this whole thing looks absolutely ridiculous. Almighty Thor is set to simultaneously debut on DVD and air on Syfy come May 10th. If there was ever a prime candidate for Bad Movie Night, this is it.

Source: io9

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