PC Mod Returns The Pretty To Liberty City

| 5 Jul 2011 16:28

It's been three years since Grand Theft Auto IV hit retail shelves, yet thanks to a new modification, the virtual sandbox has never looked better.

Specifically, I'm speaking of the iCEnhancer mod, and as you can see in the attached image and footage below, it brings a host of graphical improvements to the not-as-pretty-as-you-remember GTAIV engine. Most intriguing are the new higher resolution textures, cloudy weather effects and improved reflections.

The downside is that the mod doesn't play well with the latest version of Grand Theft Auto IV. As the ReadMe states, "It works perfectly on GTA 4 PATCH. It works horribly on PATCH." By "horribly," the creator means "could overheat and damage your videocard."

Alright, so the risk of melted silicon is a bit of a downer, but before you protectively clutch your nVidia hardware to your chest like a mother bird with inexplicably dextrous wings, take a look at how much better the world of Liberty City looks within the mod:

And for comparison's sake, here's how Grand Theft Auto IV normally looks (warning: clip contains violence and comic mischief, whatever that is):

See the improvement?

If you've suddenly got a desire to shoot up faux-New York again, you can download the latest version of the iCEnhancer mod from GTAGaming.

Source: Joystiq

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