Yes, Zelda's Navi Can Actually Be More Irritating

| 8 Jul 2011 17:00

Navi was annoying as a little fairy, and she's worse as a large, bearded man.

Some might argue that Navi, Link's fairy companion in the classic Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is actually one of the best sidekicks in the history of gaming. Others would say that they just wanted to cram her into a bottle to shut the damn thing up.

Either way, bashing Navi is a long and storied tradition among the gaming community. A video by amateur filmmakers Humble Punch does an excellent job at showing us all how annoying the fairy could potentially be - if she were not in fact a tiny fairy, but a larger man with a beard.

The video itself was posted two months ago, but it's only just now started to make the rounds - so here it is. We thought you might enjoy spending Friday afternoon watching a grown man yell shrilly at another man in a(n actually rather well-made) Link costume.

You know, I think this video makes me appreciate Navi as-is just a little bit more.

(Via G4TV)

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