The Week in Review: Netflix, Warfare, and US Senators

| 16 Jul 2011 07:00

In this week's edition, Battlefield 3 gets a marketing boost from Modern Warfare 3, and CliffyB sticks up for the Wii.


Micrsoft Could Put Windows on Next Xbox

Sources suggest that Microsoft's next console will run Windows, as it tries to bring its product lines in a single "ecosystem." This would promote "coherence and consistency" across all its product lines. The sources also say that Microsoft could drop the Windows name in favor of something new. (Link)


Senator Calls For Action Against Anonymous

Senator and former presidential hopeful John McCain says that Washington needs to stop messing around and get serious about "hacktivist" groups like Anonymous. He said that at the moment, one one person or group was responsible for dealing hackers, and that needed to change, adding that it was up to Congress to kick start the process. (Link)


3DS Update Brings Netflix Screening

The latest update for the 3DS will give users the ability to stream movies and TV shows directly to their device via Netflix. All you need to start viewing is an unlimited streaming Netflix subscription, and a Wi-Fi connection. Sadly, using the 3DS will not allows you to watch said shows in glasses-free 3D, instead, you're stuck with regular old 2D. (Link)


BF3 Gets Marketing Boost from Modern Warfare 3 Domain

You'd think that the web address "" would be something that Activision will have had in the vault for years, but it seems that's not the case, as someone else beat it to the punch. Typing the address into your browser of choice doesn't take you to the Call of Duty, instead re-directing you to the homepage for the game's rival Battlefield 3. (Link)


Wii U Finds Defender in CliffyB

Epic Games' design director Cliff Bleszinski has defended the Wii U from its detractors. He says that comparison between it and the Dreamcast are a little ridiculous, as consoles have always built on the ideas that came before them. He also said that despite all the negative comments, people would still go out and buy the Wii U anyway, just because it was Nintendo. (Link)

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