PopCap Hits Rumored for Facebook - UPDATED

| 13 Jul 2011 18:20

It looks like Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies, two of PopCap's most popular games, could soon turn up on Facebook.

Dismiss casual gaming if you will, but the incontrovertible fact is that there aren't many videogames bigger or better than Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle, two of PopCap's best-known masterpieces. My dad plays Peggle - and my dad would rather hire someone to punch him in the kidneys repeatedly than admit that he plays videogames - and PvZ is so awesome that every time PopCap releases a new edition, I reflexively take out my wallet. [I currently own three versions of the game.]

Now it looks like those two heavyweights might be joining up with another stupidly addictive time sink: Facebook, the most popular social network on the planet. A "Success on Facebook" slide that was shown during an investor meeting yesterday in the wake of EA's purchase of the studio included a point saying, "Future outlook is strong with top IP from both EA and PopCap to come." Directly adjacent to that upbeat statement were logos for four games: Risk: Factions, The Sims Social, and of course Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle. notes that PopCap announced plans for a "socialized" verson of PvZ for China's Renren social network back in May, which at the time wasn't expected to make it to Facebook. With PopCap now under the EA tent, however, it appears as though that situation may have changed.

UPDATE: PopCap's Garth Chouteau confirmed that the game are on the way to Facebook. "Sure they're coming to Facebook eventually," he said. "No timetable available yet, however."

And now we know.

via: Gamezebo

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