Germany's Getting Gears Of War 3 Uncut

| 14 Jul 2011 14:00

Marcus Fenix is coming to Germany and won't be restricted in the slightest.

Germany is a notoriously difficult market to release violent videogames in, not to mention import unicorn meat to. That's why it's a little surprising to learn that the USK classified Gears of War 3 with an "18" rating without requiring its content to be edited.

This is the first time a Gears of War game hasn't been indexed in Germany. Indexing means the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons has decided the game is unacceptable for kids to purchase. This doesn't ban the game from being released in the country, but "essentially treats it like porn with restrictions."

Eurogamer is reporting that Gears of War 3 is "definitely uncut." Meanwhile, when Joystiq followed up with the USK about the release of the game, the site was told that it had " 'a different feel to it than its predecessors,' and that the arguments used to index the first two games didn't hold up.

Source: Eurogamer via Joystiq

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