Otakon 2011 Cosplay Gallery

| 2 Aug 2011 15:30

Nothing says "convention" like wearing full suits of armor in 100-degree heat.

Last weekend, thousands of gamers, anime fans and all-around nerds descended on Baltimore's Inner Harbor for the 18th annual Otakon anime convention - the second largest convention of its type in North America. Naturally, the place was packed with people watching the newest licensed shows, dealers hawking giant robot models and just-shy-of-pornographic posters - and lots and lots of fans wearing costumes from their favorite series, no matter how obscure (or how popular).

Fans dressed in outfits from every part of the geek spectrum - anime, videogames, fantasy novels, you name it - and here are just a few of the many cosplayers from Otakon '11.


Harry Potter's Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban to wind up in Baltimore. We think he might want to go back.

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