Gen Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

| 9 Aug 2011 19:25


Check out the best people we saw playing dress-up at Gen Con this year!

This past weekend I attended my 4th Gen Con, but it felt like my first because the wizards in charge dramatically changed the convention floor layout. The new setup was indicative of shifts in the focus of the gaming market. Wizards of the Coast, makers of D&D and Magic the Gathering, occupied less show floor space than Fantasy Flight Games who specialize in expensive board games like Battlestar Galactica and a new Gears of War game. (Just considering exhibition floor square footage, if you count the Magic CCG tournament space and D&D demos in other locations, Wizards' products certainly had a larger presence.) After the implosion of E3 a few years back, videogames typically had a strong presence at Gen Con but this was the first year that there was nary a controller or keyboard to be seen.

What did stay the same was the amazing costumes that Gen Con-attendees wear as they stroll around the floor looking for new 20-sided dice. After heading to various conventions over the last few years, I continue to be impressed with the variety of the genre and theme of costumes at Gen Con. It might be the only convention where you'll see a Batman next to an orc warlock beside a kid wearing an adorable Dalek costume.

As fantasy is definitely my favorite genre, it doesn't hurt that the costumes skew towards the more speculative. So without further ado, here are my favorite costumes from Gen Con 2011.

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The weird thing is that she was chanting "I killed Sirius Black!" the whole time.

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