Angry Bird Dev Releases Irritable Avian Footwear, But Only in China

| 2 Sep 2011 18:30

The official Angry Bird shoes are rather stylish, which makes their very limited release all the more frustrating.

Rovio, the developer behind the mobile gaming mega-hit Angry Birds, has teamed up with the largest shoe manufacturer in China to release a line of Angry Birds branded shoes, featuring all the characters - such as they are - from the game.

There are eight designs in total: One for each of the birds, another one for the pigs, and a high-top variant for the black bird. As you can see from the pictures, the shoes aren't a whole lot different from what you might see come out of Converse, especially the black bird high tops, which look almost exactly like Chuck Taylor All Stars. They're they perfect thing to wear if you need to assault some pigs, or - in the case of the pig design - steal some eggs.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on a pair of Angry Birds shoes is harder than you might think, as they are currently exclusive to China. That doesn't mean it's impossible, of course - you can buy them online, where they're actually quite reasonable - but it's going to be really tricky to take them back if they don't fit.

Source: MIC Gadget

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