WoW Producer Discusses Killing Deathwing, Raid Finder and Everything Patch 4.3

| 19 Sep 2011 03:00

Tito: What else can we expect in 4.3?

Brack: The next big thing that we'll be doing is the random raid finder. The idea behind this is that it is very similar to the dungeon finder we have now except that it is for raids. There are special rules associated with how that is going to work, the first one is that the raid finder is going to be for 25 person only, it's not a way for you to have 10 person raids, it's only for 25 person. It is cross server we will do some auto match making very similar to how it is looking for dungeon. Another piece is that there is going to be another difficulty level and this raid difficulty - the random raid finder difficulty level - we haven't figured out exactly what it's going to be called but there will be a difficulty level easier than normal mode. You'll end up having this raid finder mode then you'll have your normal mode and your heroic mode. The normal and heroic modes are exactly what they are today.

Tito: It's a way to introduce players that aren't able to raid now to be able to do so.

Brack: That's exactly right. So the idea behind that is that it's a little bit easier. There will be restrictions as well for players, you won't be able to get your achievements done, you won't be able to get your titles or your mounts or your awards in that way as if you complete them on normal/heroic. We'll have special achievement s that are specifically for looking for raids tier of difficulty.

Tito: Will the item level of items and loot be cut down as well?

Brack: Absolutely.

Tito: If you were doing heroic level 5 mans are these raid finder raids more difficult or easier than heroic dungeons?

Brack: Do you mean in terms of the loot you get? Or do you mean in the terms of the difficulty of players?

Tito: There now seems to be the progression where you start with normal dungeons then you go to heroic dungeons then you do 10 mans then you go to 25 man.

Brack: That's one way you can do it. We haven't finalized the where the itemization in terms of the actual levels in terms of where they're going to work towards in terms of the new dungeons or where the, uh, looking for the raid finder item tier or the normal raid tier and the heroic raid tier but there will be a completely separate raid tier. We'll have a raid tier that is for random raid finder, we'll have a raid tier for normal and another raid tier for heroic.

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