Smell Like The Avengers With These Mighty Frangrances

| 24 Jan 2012 19:30

If you can't save the world, you might as well smell like you can.

Joss Whedon's Avengers is storming theaters in a little over three months, which means that Marvel is starting to kick the marketing licenses into overdrive. The latest tie-in announced is designed to appeal to the classier set of comic nerds: Cologne based on each of the team's major characters.

The cologne is being marketed by JADS, which is no stranger to nerd-friendly scents (the company also sells Star Trek and Star Wars fragrances). There are a total of six scents: Four are being sold together as The Avengers Cologne Set ("Patriot", "Mark VII", "Smash!" and "Worthy" are based on Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Thor, respectively), while "Mischief" (based on Loki) and "Infinity Formula" (Nick Fury) are being sold separately. Notably absent are scents based on Hawkeye and Black Widow - that last one's a bit odd, since JADS has perfumes in the aforementioned Star Trek and Star Wars runs.

The Avenger set is currently selling for $60, while the two separate colognes are going for $40 each. I'm not a big cologne buyer, but the latter seems rather highly-priced for what's effectively a nerdy send-up.

It should also be noted that JADS has scents based on Spider-Man and Deadpool listed as "coming soon." No offense, but guns and tumors doesn't seem like a great inspiration for cologne.

Source: JADS via Comic Book Resources

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