MechAssault Studio Teases New Mech Game

| 17 Feb 2012 11:38

Day 1 Studios, the creator of MechAssault, is "returning to its roots."

An interesting message went up on the Day 1 Studios website yesterday: "Storm Warning." That's it, that's all, just those two simple words. "Storm Warning."

Actually, there was one other thing. A video, to be precise, with the message, "In 2012, Day 1 Studios returns to its roots," plus a short short of a ruined building with something big burning in the background and then - boom! - a giant robot foot-stomp. What could it mean?

Given the history of the studio, the obvious conclusion is that a new MechAssault game is on the way. That's certainly the conclusion being reached in the follow-up comments anyway, and under the circumstances it's hard to put up much of an argument. Day 1 hasn't said anything about when it'll say anything but I imagine the official word will spring forth soon.

First MechWarrior Online, then MechWarrior Tactics and now this. And Hawken! It's a good time to be a fan of giant fighting robots.

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