Watch Persona 4: The Golden In Action

| 9 Mar 2012 14:13

Sony dumped a ton of video content featuring upcoming Vita titles this morning. Most crucially, this look at Atlus' Persona 4: The Golden.

Okay, so in fairness, the video is in Japanese. It was originally intended as a teaser for the Japanese version of the game, but since the game is also most likely coming to the English-speaking world at some point, we're still going to share this thing based purely on the idea that you all should see how pretty Persona 4 looks when translated to Sony's new handheld.

And how does it look? You answer should be either "gorgeous" or "stupid-crazy gorgeous." Anything else is a lie.

Fans of Atlus' roleplaying series may also notice the inclusion of some unfamiliar faces. Particularly Marie, a character exclusive to the Vita version of the game who dresses like some bizarre Japanese hybrid of an early 90s riot grrl and a traffic cop circa whenever traffic cops were last seen in abundance. We know almost nothing about the new girl, outside of her name, but it's safe to assume that she'll lightly touch on famed anime tropes while also providing a new object of affection/friendship/whatever, depending on how you want to play the game.

Of course, she's no Chie, but then again, who is?

Persona 4: The Golden is scheduled for Japanese release on June 14. Officially, we have no word on when it might jump the Pacific, but we expect it to appear shortly thereafter.

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