Clone Wars Adventures Players Launch Jar Jar Into Orbit

| 12 Mar 2012 21:12

It pleases me to learn that Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures' 10 million players seem to hate Jar Jar Binks almost as much as I do.

While debate rages over whether or not that other Star Wars-themed online game is destined to go the way of the Death Star, Sony's family-friendly, free-to-play Star Wars title has been chugging along quite nicely. Sony has released a few, largely uninteresting, statistics regarding the game: It recently reached a total of 10 million registered players, there are 584 gameplay stages available to players and 96 trophies for them to earn. Oh, the players have launched aggravating hate-figure, Jar Jar Binks, a collective 4.5 billion meters. Enough to propel the reviled "cartoon rabbit" to the moon and back several times over.

For those of you who require some context for that beautiful statement: one of the minigames in Clone Wars Adventures, entitled Stunt Gungan, tasks the player with launching Jar Jar into a field dotted with live munitions, deadly exploding robots and animal excrement. Essentially, it's everything I wanted Attack of the Clones to be. Now how about some Ewok DLC?

Source: Joystiq

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