Capcom "Cautiously Optimistic" That Its Typo Troubles Are Over

| 13 Mar 2012 18:07

Capcom says it has no excuse for the embarrassing spate of spelling errors that have plagued its packages but hopes that "new processes" will keep it from happening again.

I'm not sure what's been going on at Capcom lately but it sure seems like somebody isn't paying attention. Resident Evil: Revelations went out the door as "Revelaitons," an Asura's Wrath blurb promised "near-impossible chanllenges" and a promotional trailer for Steel Battalion actually managed to spell the publisher's own name incorrectly, referring to the company as "Capcpom."

Amazingly, it's not just one guy asleep at the switch; in fact, it sounds like it's just about everyone. "For Resident Evil: Revelations, I can't even tell you how many people looked at that package and approved it," Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson told Game Informer. "Nintendo of America, Nintendo Japan, ESRB, I don't know how many people internally, and our guys in Japan. I can't come up with an excuse for it. It just happened. We're not happy about it."

Three typos in a month was enough to convince Capcom to employ "new processes" with people outside the company to try to keep it from happening again. "We've redefined who has final say over packaging. I'm cautiously optimistic we won't be seeing this happen again," Svensson continued. "It's embarrassing. I can't really sugarcoat it."

There is one upside to the whole thing, though, above and beyond the cheap laughs we've all enjoyed at Capcom's expense. "There are only about 90,000 units that have the misprint," he said. "If you've got it and it's shrink-wrapped, that's a new special edition, that's our new strategy."

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