Microsoft Hiring For New "AAAA" Xbox Title

| 19 Mar 2012 13:29

Do you have strong business acumen, creative vision, and game development/production experience to define, build and lead a world-class production team? Then crank your resume up to eleven and send it over to Microsoft Studios.

A new listing on is searching for an Executive Producer capable of delivering what it calls (three times, no less) a "AAAA" game for Xbox. In case you were wondering, that means it's going to be 33% awesomer than those lame "AAA" titles we're used to.

"Microsoft Studios (Xbox) is looking for a dynamic and seasoned Executive Producer to lead and develop a world-class team who will own the creation and delivery of a AAAA experience that delivers on 1st party goals," the listing reads, "and, more importantly, creates a fun gaming experience for our audience."

The post also outlines the responsibilities expected of a "AAAA" producer. He or she will need to provide creative direction, travel domestically and internationally, and "deliver the end-to-end AAAA title experience."

Eurogamer reached out to Microsoft asking on what game the studio was working, only to receive the following cheeky response: "We're happy to tell you all about what we're working on," a spokesperson replied. "Just apply, get hired and we promise to spill our guts!"

This sort of change to the triple-A descriptor can only lead to silliness, sort of like like how achieving a good rating on eBay post-2003 means being an "AAAAAAAA++++++++++++ seller." Has Microsoft learned nothing from Dr. Seuss's Sneetches or, at the very least, the seven-minute abs guy in There's Something About Mary?

Source: Eurogamer

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