Hydrophobia Dev To Be Liquidated

| 19 Mar 2012 19:15

Hydrophobia developer, Dark Energy Digital, is sinking. The Manchester Studio entered administration last Friday.

Rumors that the studio would be closing its doors began circulating back in February, and unfortunately they've proven true.

Dark Energy Digital directors and co-MDs, Pete and Deborah Jones (the former of which is partially responsible for the abysmal Rise of the Robots, we haven't forgotten, Mr. Jones), as well as Technical Director Gary Leach, pooled their resources and registered a new company under the name of Dark Energy Publishing back in January. Rumor has it that a pre-packaged administration deal has been made that will allow the new company to pick up the assets of the old one when it eventually folds. If that's the case, Dark Energy Publishing would take on the assets and IP of Dark Energy Digital without taking on its financial obligations, leaving creditors and staff, both of which are rumored to be owed money by Dark Energy Digital, out of pocket. Dark Energy Publishing hasn't responded to this rumor.

Hydrophobia, Dark Energy Digital's only game, was notable for three reasons. The hilariously bad Scottish accent featured in the initial version of the game; the fact Deborah Jones accused Destructoid editor and Escapist contributor, Jim Sterling, of "playing the game wrong" after his rather scathing review and the impressive HydroEngine, which provided stunningly realistic water effects. Sadly, the engine, which took three years to develop, wasn't enough to prevent Hydrophobia from belly flopping. It received a poor critical response and sales were unremarkable. Even the release of a reboot designed to address key complaints failed to make a big enough splash to save the company.


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