Turkish Soccer Fans Unfurl World's Biggest Trollface

| 23 Mar 2012 13:45

Turkish soccer fans responded to a league-wide ban on flares in stadiums with what may be the biggest trollface the world has ever seen.

Soccer fans in Turkey apparently have a thing for waving around burning road flares at matches. Road flares, as anyone who's ever used one to cut a beer can in half can tell you, burn at insanely hot temperatures, which makes their use as toys in crowded, rowdy soccer stadiums a bit of potential safety issue. That led the Turkish Football Association [they call soccer "football" in Europe] to ban flares from all domestic games.

And that, in turn, led to a response from supporters of the Eskişehirspor club that can only be described as epic. How it was coordinated will likely remain a mystery forever but the net result is very possibly the biggest trollface of all time. And then, of course, came the flares.

It's hard to fault the Turkish FA for cracking down on ridiculously dangerous pyrotechnics in stadiums and I don't think anyone would deny that lighting dozens of them all at the same time under a gigantic, flammable sheet is a pretty stupid thing to do. But also awesome. Very, very awesome.


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