Legend of Grimrock Preorders Begin

| 27 Mar 2012 13:25

Legend of Grimrock finally has a firm release date and you know what that means: It's preorder trailer time!

It seems like only yesterday that we got word that the old-school dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock had gone gold. Wait, it was only yesterday. Anyway, today we have something even better: hard release details! Legend of Grimrock comes out on April 11 and will sell for $14.99, but Almost Human is offering it at a "preorder sale" price of $11.99 as a direct purchase or through The game is also "coming soon" to Steam.

In Legend of Grimrock, players are given control of four prisoners exiled to the vast dungeon prison of Mount Grimrock, a virtual death sentence for crimes they may or may not have committed. There's only one way out: down through the mountain, one level at a time.

Almost Human says the emphasis is on puzzles and exploration, and that "the wits and perception of the player are more important tools than even the sharpest of swords." And for the seriously old-school, the game even offers an "Old-School mode" which disables the automap and leaves it up to players to do the job themselves with grid paper and pencils. That's hardcore, baby!

And what's a launch date announcement without a launch trailer? A lot of what goes on in this one are things we've already seen before, but it still looks gorgeous. Nice music, too. So don't forget: Legend of Grimrock, 12 bucks before April 11, 15 bucks after. Get all the details at

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