Go Right, Young Hero, and Face Your Destiny

| 27 Apr 2012 11:24

This mashup of videogame heroes' animations as they move forever to the right is way more touching than it should rightfully be.

In videogames since the dawn of time, the hero has moved from the left to the right. Mario ventured rightwards through the Mushroom Kingdom; Mega Man fought his way to the right through Dr. Wily's hordes; even the little dude from Pitfall was leaping to the right over those damn pits. This video takes all of our protagonists' rightward journeys over the decades and splices them together to create a single story.

As you might expect, it's kind of fun to just watch the various characters and animations to see how many games you can name (and there are a lot of games here that need naming). It's also entertaining to see how the games we play have changed over the years and yet have utterly remained the same in other respects.

What isn't entirely expected is how poignant this video manages to make the hero's journey. What begins as a determined march to the right - to destiny - encounters difficulty and falters, only to regain its fire anew. It's oddly touching, in a way.

Go right, hero. Go right, and onwards towards adventure!

(Via @KyleOrl on Twitter)

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