Square Enix Sued Over Kane and Lynch 2

| 11 May 2012 03:55

A Chinese lawyer has called Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days a "Chinese slaughter game."

According to a news article on Japanese news site, NariNari, translated by the scholars over at Sankaku Complex - which I'm not going to link to due to the site suffering from a severe porn infestation - a Chinese lawyer has filed a suit against Square Enix over its terrible third person shooter sequel, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. In it, he accuses the company of "damaging the image of Chinese people," "mocking China and the Chinese people," and "causing people to misunderstand China."

The lawyer is demanding an apology, as well compensation from both developer, IO Interactive, and Square Enix to the tune of 10,000 yuan or around $1600.

Kane and Lynch 2, which is set in Shanghai, sees Kane and his fraternal life partner, Lynch, visiting all kinds of violent horrors upon the Chinese populace - culminating in one very distressing scene where they expose their horrifically pixelated testicles to unsuspecting police officers.

Now assuming NariNari isn't the Japanese equivalent of The Onion, and, God forbid, this nutball actually wins in court, he isn't going to stop with Kane and Lynch.

"If I am victorious, it will establish a precedent allowing us to sue others - we will be able to strike a great blow against foreign companies who think they can insult China," he proclaims.

No doubt any winnings the he receives will go to support groups for those brave police officers still suffering the effects of elderly-male-scrote exposure.

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