Reality TV Gets Bloody With Sony's Bullet Run

| 22 May 2012 16:53

The new free-to-play first-person shooter is set to launch this summer on PC.

Sony Online Entertainment built its business around EverQuest, which required a monthly payment, but that game and many others in its stable are now all free-to-play, relying on microtransactions and premium features to pay the bills. The model must be working because SOE has announced the newest entry in its free-to-play catalog, Bullet Run.

Developed by independent studio Acony Games, Bullet Run is a fast-paced arcade first-person shooter that casts players as contestants on a live reality television show. Contestants are customizable, with the developers promising thousands of potential options. Players will be able to unlock new skills and weapon customizations as they earn fans through their in-game performance.

Twenty contestants will be able to fight through Bullet Run's offered six maps and two game modes, deathmatch and domination. Players interested in joining the battle a little sooner than the anticipated late summer launch can head over to the official Bullet Run site and register for access to the beta.

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