Report: Sony Rejected Download-Only PlayStation 4

| 31 May 2012 17:24

Cloud-based consoles may still be years away.

There have been many rumors floating around about the next generation of game consoles, however, one prediction may finally be laid to rest. Sony has alledgedly rejected the idea of making its next console download-only, and deciding to keep with a more traditional optical disc-drive.

An unnamed source told the Wall Street Journal that Sony has decided against a download-only model due to the inconsistency of internet connections from country to country. As many gamers can attest, games can take up an extraordinarily large amount of hard drive space, and Sony feels that its customers who reside in countries with slower internet connections would be crippled by a requirement to download its games rather than just insert a disc.

The unnamed source said that Microsoft is looking to include an optical drive in its next console as well, having expressed similar concerns about internet connectivity in designing the successor to the Xbox 360.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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