E3: Fight Crime in LEGO City Undercover

| 5 Jun 2012 13:25

Stop crime one brick at a time.

In what is sure to be one of the highlights of its E3 press conference this morning, Nintendo revealed a trailer for a brand new open-world LEGO game for the Wii U, titled LEGO City Undercover.

Being developed by Traveller's Tale, the team behind previous LEGO titles like Lego Batman and the upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings game, LEGO City Undercover puts players into the blocky shoes of detective Chase McCain, a sort-of-but-probably-not-really-hard-boiled cop patrolling the mean streets of a LEGO metropolis.

The trailer shown had plenty examples of TT's sense of humor, with parodies of several action and cop movies (such as The Matrix) and nods to popular culture (including one scene where McCain built a familiar looking green pipe out of spare LEGO pieces). Also shown were some of LEGO City Undercover gameplay features that are built around using the Wii U's gamepad, such as using it as a scanner to detect hiding criminals.

A Nintendo 3DS version of LEGO City: Undercover is also in the works, promising new missions and content.

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