Dead State Surpasses Kickstarter Goal

| 22 Jun 2012 19:00

After three years, DoubleBear finally has the funds needed to make its definitive zombie game.

Doublebear's Zombie roleplaying game Dead State has been on the radar for gamers and zombie fans alike since it was first announced as "ZRPG" back in 2009. Emphasizing resource management and group dynamics in the face of a looming zombie apocalypse, the game promised an open-ended Fallout-styled roleplaying experience headed by former Obsidian developers and husband-wife team Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda and Brian Mitsoda. After almost three years of trying to get the project off the ground, the pair noticed the success of Double Fine's Kickstarter Project and thought they'd give it a shot. They thought correctly: with thirteen days remaining the project surpassed its $150,000 goal.

Most video game Kickstarter projects come with a huge variety of pledge rewards, and Dead State is no exception. A $30 dollar pledge will get you the soundtrack and a digital DRM-free copy of the game upon release. Increasing your pledge can provide donors with t-shirts, a "Making of Dead State" book, a Deluxe Edition Boxset, and even the option to have your own personalized "zombie apocalypse" story included in the finished game.

Rewards aside, to the fans who have been following the project since Day One, the real prize will be seeing the project reach the light of day. Dead State will include dozens of characters, randomized events, reactive AI, base-building mechanics, and more. Successfully implementing even a portion of these elements would please thousands of fans, but as Carlson and Mitsoda's Kickstarter video shows, they plan to go all out.

Dead State is scheduled for release in December 2013.

Source: Dead State Kickstarter

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