New Halo 4 Info Extracted From Retailer Site

| 27 Jun 2012 17:40

Promotional materials for Halo 4 reveal details for multiplayer and upcoming DLC.

Several Halo 4 informational slides are now out in the wild after a Halo fan blog extracted them from Microsoft's ExpertZone website. The slides, originally intended for retail employees, cover the upcoming game and its Spartan Ops episodic DLC planned for the weeks after Halo 4's release.

One of the slides boasts that there are ten new weapons in the game, two of which were already revealed at Microsoft's E3 press conference as the Light Rifle and the Scattershot. Two new vehicles will also appear, with popular rides returning from previous titles.

War Games, Halo 4's competitive multiplayer, will include new modes and start with ten maps until the inevitable DLC adds more. Other improvements to multiplayer include "improved accessibility and approachability," the ability to drop in and out of matches, and "improved support to create, organize, and track groups." Whether those changes mean clan support is up to speculation.

As for Spartan Ops, the weekly episodic DLC announced at E3, the slides reveal that the content will be broken up into seasons. Each season will last ten weeks, and we already knew that there would be five levels in each weekly episode, bringing the total to fifty levels for a season. Although there's no word yet on how many seasons are planned, the first season will be free - presumably even without an Xbox Live Gold subscription, which nets you all the Spartan Ops DLC for free anyway.

Source: LittleEnglishHaloBlog, Eurogamer

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