Molyneux Loves Molydeux

| 9 Jul 2012 11:43

Peter Molyneux wants to see Twitter parody Molydeux's ideas become real games.

The parody Twitter feed @petermolydeux has a lot of fans, and one of them credits Molydeux for his decision to leave Microsoft and form his own independent game design studio. The name of that one devoted fan? Why, Peter Molyneux of course; he of Fable: The Journey fame, the man behind Lionhead, and the subject of that selfsame twitter parody. Molyneux confessed his admiration for Molydeux at Rezzed, the Brighton indie game UK convention.

The Molydeux Twitter comes out with gems like "You are a sad, lonely firework in a dusty shed on the 4th July, what if you could use ghosts to sneak you into big display in New York?" They're intended to parody Molyneux's well-known style and love of innovative concepts. "I think [Molydeux is] fantastic," said Molyneux, "and I'd love to see some of those ideas turned into games." The Twitter feed's freedom from the Microsoft PR machine allowed it to say or do whatever it liked, and that kind of creative freedom is what Molyneux wants for himself. "He just comes up with an endless supply of amazing and incredible ideas," an admiring Molyneux told the Brighton crowd.

He had 21 minutes to talk at Rezzed but, Molyneux warned, "I'm sure to overrun." In the end he spoke for twice that time on a wide range of topics; cloud gaming, using the controller as a sex toy, and unfortunate pictures to show your local vicar, among many others. It's unlikely that the two will ever work together, as one is based in the UK and the other in Canada. Still, Molyneux has nothing but love for his fictional sibling. Or as Molyneux puts it, "I hope he goes on going for a long time."

Source: Eurogamer

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