World of Goo Team Sets Its New Game on Fire

| 11 Jul 2012 09:59

Tomorrow Corporation's new game Little Inferno has gone beta, and for $15 you can burn stuff too!

For those of you wondering whatever happened to the guys who made World of Goo, the physics based puzzle game, or Henry Hatsworth, the tea-sipping action platformer puzzle game, the riddle is now solved. They've joined forces to create the Tomorrow Corporation, and their latest opus Little Inferno has hit beta. Moreover, for a mere $15 you can join in the pyromania.

There's absolutely no word on gameplay as yet, though it seems likely that a lot of stuff will be set on fire. It's a reasonable guess that this will be a puzzle game, bearing in mind who created it, but beyond that? Nada. Nothing. Not so much as a sizzling sausage. The trailer gives you a pretty good idea of the game world - not so distant future, looks as if there's been significant climate change - but all else is mystery.

This has been deliberate policy on the developer's part. "We've been quiet about this game so far," they say on their blog page, "to avoid being another lost adorable indie game that never materializes." However the time has come to go beta and, if you have a PC and a little patience - for they're pushing this out the door in batches, not all at once - you can be a beta tester. That gets you an early build of the game and soundtrack together with eventual access to the final version, including all updates.

Though the beta is only for the PC, the game itself will be for Mac and Linux too. Assuming the stars are in their favor, this shall be a Winter 2012 release.

Source: Eurogamer

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