Reddit Community Produces Indie Game Bundle

| 12 Jul 2012 10:14

You can have six DRM-free indie games, courtesy of social news site Reddit.

A bunch of Reddit users got together and decided to do something to make the internet a better place. As a result of that altruistic gesture, six indie games are now available in a pay-what-you-like bundle. If you pay $6 or more, a seventh game can also be yours, along with soundtracks, concept art and art assets from some of the the other six games. A portion - 12.5% - of the proceeds will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and so far the bundle has generated over $3,000.

So what are these indie games, you ask? Well, there's Girl With A Heart; you play eleven-year-old Raven in a fantasy game where the objective is to save your home town from the forces of Light. Want to conquer the galaxy as a promising young slug archaeologist? If so, puzzle game Astroslugs is probably more your style, as you help your incompetent elders get their interstellar battle fleet off the ground. Auralux is an abstract RTS, as is Influence. Dungeon crawler fans may be enticed by Cardinal Quest or Pitman a ... dwarf simulator? I think? The teaser video reminded me not a little of 80s cave-quest Manic Miner, to be honest.

Those who go the distance get access to The Sun Is Deadly, a stealth game inspired by the likes of Thief: The Dark Project. You play as a vampire sneaking about the environment, using your skills and resourcefulness to evade guards and sunlight while stalking your favourite victim, the Virgin.

See the bundle site for further details.

Source: Joystiq

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