Age of Empires Creator Founds New Mobile Studio

| 18 Jul 2012 10:15

Tony Goodman's new game is still a complete mystery, even though it's due for 2012.

Tony Goodman, creator of historical RTS Age of Empires and founder of Ensemble Studios and Robot Entertainment, announced the foundation of his latest game studio. The new independent mobile game developer PeopleFun has been chugging along under the radar for a while, but Goodman chose to reveal it to the world now because the studio's as-yet-unnamed new game is about to hit beta. Goodman isn't the only Ensemble veteran working for PeopleFun; John Boog-Scott and Angelo Laudon, both Ensemble big-wigs, have joined him.

"[PeopleFun's new game] is a departure from the games we made at Ensemble and Robot in terms of scope and genre," Goodman said in a press release, "but I think our games will appeal to the gamer inside all of us and hope to play with our friends in the community in the coming weeks." The title is scheduled for a 2012 release, but there's no word yet as to what it's about or even what genre it may fall into. Though the company does have a website, there's nothing there to see. PeopleFun is focusing on the iOS and Android markets, so there's no prize for guessing what platform this new IP will inhabit.

Anyone who wants to be involved in beta testing this unknown quantity can Like PeopleFun's Facebook page. According to the press release the studio is "actively growing", so if you happen to live in the Dallas area and are looking for game industry work it might not be a bad idea to seek PeopleFun out.

Source: Joystiq

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