Mechwarrior Online Turns Up the Heat

| 23 Jul 2012 15:31

I don't know how, but these Mechwarrior Online gameplay videos just keep getting sexier.

Last month, we took a quick-stomp tour of the Frozen City, an icy, frigid environment that's tough to dance to but easy to shoot with. Today, it's a completely different kind of environment: the Caustic Valley is hot, acidic and wickedly good-looking.

As touched on last time around, heat is every mech's greatest enemy, and heavy mechs in particular will have to take care that they don't push too hard on this steamy, sweltering world. Ballistic weapons will have a distinct advantage in firefights, and the wide-open spaces make it a natural fit for long-range firepower.

But it's the gorgeous visuals that really sell this trailer. Cold environments are fun for sustained fights but the weather effects in Frozen City keep it from being much to look at. Caustic Valley, on the other hand, is a little hazy but very clear, so the battles unfolding in and around the defunct Commonwealth Mining Corporation installation can be seen in all their glory - and boy, are they glorious. The more I see, the more I like.

The free-to-play, PC-exclusive Mechwarrior Online is currently slated to come out later this year. Applications for the closed beta may be filled out at

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