The Book of Unwritten Tales Finally Gets a US Release

| 2 Aug 2012 12:21

Europe's popular point-and-click crosses the pond with "top notch English voice acting."

If you've ever wanted to sneak through lost temples, consult wise old wizards, and bean battle trolls with cannonballs fired from a slingshot, developer KING Art has just the thing for you. The Book of Unwritten Tales has been out in Europe for a while, but now it's available in the US for your download pleasure. It can be had for less than twenty bucks via GOG, Steam and the developer's own store front.

You play as Wilbur Weathervane, a gnome with a mission. "Wilbur," the official website says, "has to become a student at Master Marcus' magical school and earn his mage diploma by solving three difficult tasks ..." There's a mysterious evil threatening the world, and eventually Wilbur and his companions will have to seek out gremlin archaeologist Mortimer MacGuffin's artefact to defeat the Army of Shadows. In the doing of it he'll encounter strange ancient machines, elves, vegetarian dragons, 150 puzzles and "top notch English voice acting" - as if there was any other kind - in 20 hours of game play. It's pretty standard point-and-click stuff, but it's gained a lot of respect for its humor and story.

If you prefer to try before you buy, the demo can be had here but fair warning: the demo is made up of the second chapter of the full game, so if you're the sort that really can't stand even mild spoilers you may be better off avoiding it. Instead, head over to the music page; the free samples there and the voice acting clips - *cough* Paladin of the Pink Crusade *cough* - should give you an idea of the kind of atmosphere the game has to offer.

Source: Unwritten Tales, Joystiq

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