Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Set for 2013 Release

| 15 Aug 2012 10:49

Another trailer is out for the sword-swinging entrant to the Metal Gear universe.

Hideo Kojima has Tweeted and thus it must be: Metal Gear: Revengeance has a release date of February 21st 2013. This latest reveal came as part of GamesCom 2012, as Konami builds anticipation for the latest entrant to the Metal Gear franchise with a snazzy new trailer for its hack-and-slash war epic.

You play as Raiden, Solid Snake's pal, slicing and dicing your way through an unnamed - possibly African, judging by the trailer - country recovering after a civil war. Raiden's a hired hand for private military contrators, but all is not as it seems and pretty soon Raiden is up to his neck in enemy cyborgs. At least he has a happy little doggie for company.

This is Platinum Games' first shot at Metal Gear, and also the first time that Hideo Kojima has sat on the sidelines; he's executive producer this time, as his attention is on other projects. Metal Gear: Revengeance was previously known as Metal Gear Solid: Rising but became Revengeance - dropping the Solid - to make plain the difference between this title and its predecessors.

There have been some rumbling from fans wary of the switch from stealth to gung-ho swordplay, but developer Platinum Games is that same bunch who put Bayonetta together, so the combat should work very well. Quinton Flynn, the voice actor, is reprising his role as Raiden, which should also please traditionalists. It's not Metal Gear as it has been, but - judging by the trailer - the new style should prove interesting to play.

Source: Eurogamer

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