Kiefer Sutherland Makes Dynamite Cupcakes

| 20 Aug 2012 17:41

The former 24 star provides car chases, explosions, and cupcakes for his Acer Ultrabook commercial.

Advertising is a very strange medium to work in. The field exists to promote and market particular brands and products, yet occasionally it produces commercials popular enough to rival the advertised products themselves. It is for this reason that gamers would get so excited for Team Fortress 2 videos or why Old Spice commcercials were so popular in movie theaters for a while. Now we have another example to add to the art of advertising in the form of an Acer Ultrabook commercial starring Kiefer Sutherland as he harshly interrogates pedestrians to obtain the ingredients for making his brand name Dynamite Cupcakes. And if you're not sure how those things go together, please allow me to welcome you to the internet for the first time.

The entire commercial borrows heavily from the tone of Sutherland's popular television series 24, in which every episode required fast-paced action to prevent terrorists from carrying out their agenda. In this commercial however, fast-paced action is required so that Sutherland can construct his delicious Dynamite Cupcakes. After an opening car chase with a cupcake delivery truck, Sutherland proceeds to the local grocery store to hurriedly buy icing before blowing up his own car for inspiration on a design that will match his hard-boiled personality.

While it may be a little early to imply that this ad will become a full-blown viral hit, it certainly has all the ingredients for it. A recognizable actor who parodies his own hit show in a way that merges electronics, cupcakes, and explosions is a perfect fit for the internet, and the number of quotable, meme-worthy lines in the commercial is truly impressive.


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