Former Amalur Dev Lifts the Veil On "Valiance"

| 23 Aug 2012 10:40

The Kingdoms of Amalur "Valiance" video is a luscious taste of what might have been.

I'm not sure what the point of this video is, unless somebody is hoping that the state of Rhode Island will somehow get the band back together and shovel Kingdoms of Amalur out the door. It's a bit like picking at a scab, isn't it? The game might have been great or it may have been crap, but thanks to either a government conspiracy or wicked mismanagement (depending on who you ask), we'll never know.

But it sure is pretty, isn't it? This "Valiance" video, minus the music, was created by the head of the Amalur city building team for a May milestone presentation, which sadly never happened, and has now been released into the wild by former 38 Studios Creative Director Steve Danuser. He also revealed a bit more about the studio's free-to-play plans for the game, which would have granted players access to all areas of the game without cost, and he does in fact touch on the possibility that it might someday be resurrected.

"The glorious state of Rhode Island now owns the assets and code that would have been our game, and some company might come along and buy it... though anyone who does won't be releasing the same product we had planned to put out - only a pale imitation of it," he wrote. "I wish you could know what we were shooting for during the years we labored to build Copernicus... a game that was loving crafted, that was starting to show how fun it would be, and that absolutely did have members of the dev team playing it, no matter what anyone else might tell you. But sadly, we'll never really know what could have been."

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