Pokemon! Gotta Crochet 'Em All

| 5 Sep 2012 11:03

In its house in Ontario, The Quaint Cuddlefish lies crocheting ...

It started as a project to pay for textbooks, while Ruthanne Wilson was still in university. Now it's become a cottage Cuddlefish, sending out crochet plushie Pokemon via its Etsy storefront to the far corners of the globe. The Quaint Cuddlefish will fulfill any plushie request, though as this is all being done by hand you should expect a delay period as Wilson sorts out a design - she creates all the patterns herself - and gets on with the hard work of making the perfect critter for her customer.

"I love new challenges through creating pokemon plushies," says Wilson, "or any other characters that are requested. I have many ideas swimming around in my head and I hope to make them a reality as soon as I get a chance!"

Feast your eyes upon the glory! But bear in mind that glory doesn't come cheap; a crochet Gengar will set you back $50.03, while the most expensive - the Hydreigon - is a cool $140.71. Mind you, these are all hand-made and take a considerable effort; Wilson factors in complexity and creation time before making a price estimate. Have a look at her webpage for more information, and if you should be tempted to part with your money, well ... you do have to catch 'em all, y'know.

Source: Quaint Cuddlefish

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