Amazon Not Taking Wii U Pre-Orders

| 14 Sep 2012 11:11

The Wii U's future availability on is uncertain.

After the Wii U's November 18 release date was announced yesterday, retailers like GameStop and Best Buy jumped into action and began taking pre-orders for Nintendo's next console. Online retailer Amazon, on the other hand, still doesn't have the Wii U listed. While that didn't seem like a big deal yesterday, when information about the Wii U was flying fast and loose, the retailer has since notified customers to tell them that the Wii U is "not available at"

Those who signed up to be notified of the Wii U's availability received this email from the online store:

Dear Customer, Thank for you signing up to be notified when the Wii U is available. Unfortunately the Wii U console is not available at at this time but please check back in the future, as availability may change. We do have the latest Wii U games and accessories available now so check them out. Thank you for shopping with Amazon Video Games.

This gets even weirder considering that Amazon stopped selling the 3DS (the ones available on the site now are from outside retailers) and has never stocked the 3DS XL. Amazon hasn't given a reason for not making the Wii U available, but gamers who prefer it to brick-and-mortar stores may have to look elsewhere if they're hoping to pick up a Wii U on launch day.

Source: Joystiq

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